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Gift Certificates


Nothing is better than a craft gift!  It keeps on giving!  We are especially proud of how our gift cards are presented - with lots of style.  We sell them in denominations of $25, $50 and $100 - but if you have something special in mind we will make you a custom card for a specific amount.


As our site has evolved , we have been trying to find a way to have the same gift certificate program we have in our store.  We're old  school.  We make you a beautiful wrapped card to present to your gift recipient and we keep a coded ledger in our shop.  Our website has not allowed such simplicity that can also protect our customers.

So give us a call at 504 GLITTER (504-454-8837) and we will take your information over the phone and send you a gift card.  When your gift recipient is ready to shop we will   give him/her a one-time PIN code to use with the gift card code on-line or we will take the order over the phone.   


If you are seeing this message after hours email us at and we will get back with you ASAP!

Did you receive a gift certificate from NOLA Craft Culture?  Call for a PIN code!  We will give you a personal, one-time use  security code for the amount of your numbered gift certificate once authenticated and it can be used online or you can place your order or schedule a class over the phone.

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