New Orleans enjoys a year-round celebration of unique cultural arts.

We opened NOLA Craft Culture to be a local resource for our folk art community and an opportunity to spotlight, encourage and expand the artistic treasures of our home.

For us it started with a love of glitter and a few hand-decorated throws.  But we have discovered how much fun we have creating with others and how much we can learn from each other.  Crafting is a way to express yourself, release your inner artist, break the ice, team build, bond, pass time, party, stand out, blend in, sparkle and pop.  In this digital world, we could all use a little more handcrafting in our lives.


We live in a city brilliantly bedazzled with beads, feathers, sequins, rhinestones, and lots and lots of glitter. 

Join us and discover that down here, in New Orleans, we plan our entire year around our craft culture. 

This is not a hobby.  This is a way of life. 

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It's not a hobby, it's a way of life.
The Craft Store​

It is the Craft Store of our dreams.  When you come in we want you, too, to feel like a kid in a candy store...only surrounded with colorful glitter and feathers and imagination.


We also wanted to be able to shop locally.  Why should New Orleans folk artists be purchasing outside of the city limits or from national chains?  


We are proud to offer the best and newest and most amazing of everything!  Now we can share it.  And if we don't have it, tell us and we will find it!  We are a young store and we want to learn all sorts of crafts so the inventory, and opportunities to learn new skills, will be expanding constantly.

Heading 1


All of our customers are welcome to hang out in our workspace and learn from each other.  It's open every day.  But sometimes you want to learn a specific skill. 


Would you like to learn to write with glue and glitter on the most amazingly decorated shoes, purses, sunglasses, goblets, wineglasses, and coconuts on the route?  Sign up for a class and give in to the glitter.

Are you planning a New Orleans visit or wedding and want your bridal party to have exceptional, custom umbrellas for your post-wedding second line?  Come in and we will lead your group to make amazing real New Orleans folk art you will treasure forever.

Are you looking for a corporate team builder like no other?  Have you always wanted to learn to sew or make a fascinator hat?  

We keep classes to sizes so everyone attending gets the best experience.  We may have open classes you can join this week.  See the schedule to book your spot.

Even more classes are coming soon.  Many will be led by authentic Crafty Geniuses and New Orleans artisans:

  • Glittering Skills for Shoes, Goblets, Coconuts, Sunglasses, Wine Glasses, Plungers, Bottles, Corks, Platters and more (yes we know there is lots more...)

    • Glittering 101

    • Working With Transfers

    • Ombre Techniques

    • Sculptural Design

  • Headdresses & Fascinators
  • Polymer Clay Design
  • Sewing 101
  • Second Line Umbrella design

  • Jewelry Making

We're adding new classes all the time so keep checking in.  And if you'd like to teach please reach out!  We'd love to meet you and know about your craft. 


custom gifts

New Orleans is known for Mardi Gras, jazz and outstanding cuisine.  The cultural artisans of our city make all of these happen, and so much more.

We are proud to present The Indoor Art Mart, an offering of cultural crafts of New Orleans.  Like our amazing community, The Indoor Art Mart is always changing and we are always finding new discoveries of talent and style.  Many of the finds are by our instructors and our customers.  They change seasonally and you have to grab them fast (because sometimes we grab them first.)  In the market you can find anything from hand-crafted jewelry to useable glittered handbags to beautiful handmade Hanji boxes to wall hangings to outstanding headpieces, certain to make you the center of attention at any gathering.  If you don't think you are crafty, chances are you can find the perfect craft here, already made. 


Having a special event?  We will hand-craft an iconic New Orleans item specifically for your event.  You and your guests can take home a piece of New Orleans culture.

Private Parties
Birthday Parties
bachelorette parties
girls' night out

Nothing is better than a party that celebrates creativity.  And your guests leave with a favor of their own making!

For children or adults, we can put together a NOLA Craft Culture party they will never forget.  Children's parties include instructor led craft project and materials.  Host brings in food and drink.

Craft parties are fun for any age!  You bring the refreshments and we provide the crafts.  Parties can be led with a craft instructor or easy going.  It's up to you.

Maybe you just need a private space for you and a group of friends or your float riders  to get together and glitter purses, shoes or toilet brushes...we have that space available too...and we don't mind the glitter.

But you don't need a party for an excuse to come over to NOLA Craft Culture.  Grab your base, come buy some glitter and join us in the workroom.  Pull up a chair and get your craft on!

Community Work space

We realize that when we work with other craftsmen, we learn.  So shop at NOLA Craft Culture and then bring your supplies downstairs and pull up a chair.  

It's BYOB and there is always something fabulous in the works.

Half the Work space is always open for the customer.  Half can be reserved for your group projects.

Keep it here!

We have been glittering for almost two decades.  We will admit that the cultural crafts of our lives can take their toll on relationships.  We don't get it, but not everyone loves glitter as much as we do.  It's for this reason that we offer KEEP IT HERE!  It's a room at NOLA Craft Culture where you can lock up your supplies or that shoe that isn't quite dry.

Space can be rented or earned with customer craft points.  We may just save a marriage here.

CraftY founders

Lisette Constantin, Nori Pritchard and Virginia Saussy

Every year Virginia and Lisette volunteered in the Folk Village of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival's craft tent doing glitter shoe demonstrations for the Krewe of Muses.  The krewe had discovered their love of folk art, taking an old shoe and making it a coveted keepsake.  It began with a homage to the Zulu coconut and spread organically through the krewe.

Each year they learned a new skill from another craftsman in the tent.  A Cajun mask maker from Eunice, Louisiana, shared the secret to thickening glue to hold heavier items.  A float sculpture artist taught them how to make wired flowers in miniature for a shoe.  Each day sharing space with other folk artists and craftsmen brought an abundance of knowledge.  At the end of one glittering afternoon Lisette proclaimed "I wish I could do this all day!  I wish I owned a craft store with a big community worktable where you shared ideas and techniques."  A few years earlier Virginia had written up a business plan outline for that exact idea.  Together they developed the plan. Working with advisors and a Loyola business school class, they tested the concept to see if it could be a reality.


Virginia's cousin was a longtime family friend of Nori's.  She was a research scientist by day and avid crafter hobbyist in her free time.  Nori had developed a following with her Confessions of a Glitter Addict blog and had started teaching classes on weekends she came home to New Orleans.  She returned for the holidays with her husband and new baby ready to make a big change in her life.  She had decided to leave her career in science and raise her son in New Orleans.  She also wanted to pursue her dream of opening a craft store and sharing her skills.  The business plan was in her hands within hours of the announcement.  It was kismet.


After fantasies, surveys, sketches, plans, revisions, meetings with advisors, many site visits with a Muse sister realtor, and great support of another Muse sister banker, NOLA Craft Culture was becoming a reality.   The day the three walked into the old home at 127 S. Solomon Street, they had found the spot  They felt the spirit of the business they envisioned.  They were home.

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Lisette Constantin is a lifelong New Orleanian, avid costumer, Muse, and shameless lover of all things that sparkle. After moving away from NOLA to earn a PhD in clinical psychology, she discovered an important truth: New Orleans is the home of her heart. She of course moved back as quickly as possible. After joining the Krewe of Muses she learned another important truth, life is simply more fun when it’s covered in glitter. Together with Virginia and Nori, she then figured out how to make glitter her livelihood with NOLA Craft Culture.

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Nori Pritchard is the sparkle-obsessed crafter behind the blog "Confessions of a Glitter Addict." She's a Ben Franklin alum who holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. When she's not glittering or deep in discussion about handmade Carnival throws, she's usually chasing around her two little boys, Matthew (almost 2) and Tommy (age 5) who she is raising in Mid-City with her husband Nathaniel "Downtown" Twarog.


Nori is most proud of her Cherry Pie shoe that's on the annual shoe series bead being thrown in the 2019 Muses parade

Virginia Saussy is a New Orleans native and a graduate of Newcomb College of Tulane University and Ben Franklin High School.  She is an independent consultant for marketing and business development and prides herself on making local brands into local icons.  Virginia is active in the community and  a charter member of the Krewe of Muses, serving as Theme Chairwoman for the past 20 years.  She loves Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and all aspects of our extraordinary New Orleans culture.

Virginia lives in a parade-route home that always sparkles.