The April Full Moon goes by many names, but the most iconic of them is the Full Pink Moon. The Pink Moon gets its name from the blooming of pink blossoms this month, but we though it would be fun to imagine a big glowing pink moon rising (especially since this year’s Full Pink Moon is also an extra bright Supermoon). This month’s confetti “Pink Supermoon” is actually a dot mix, with a dotted holographic patterning: as a result each pink dot in the mix looks like a little pink moon complete with glowing pink craters!  For this  month’s glitter blend we wanted to make sure we captured “pink,” but in a way that was versatile, sophisticated and distinct from any of the many pinks we carry. The “Pink Moon” glitter blended for this month is a more naturalistic rosy floral pink, but coordinates beautifully with the pink moon dots thanks to the warm holographic and hotter pink tones blended into it.

Full Pink Moon - April 2021 Ltd. Ed. Set