Each month, NOLA Craft Culture will be releasing a different limited edition 2 oz glitter mix inspired by a different Goddess. The glitters will be incredibly rich, decadent mixes of size for maximum gorgeousness. Each Goddess selected for each month of this series has been carefully and lovingly represented in a mix exclusive to NOLA Craft Culture that we’ve collaboratively designed with our combined decades of glitter experience. The blends in this series are unlike anything else we’ve offered before: imagine the Birth Stone of the month gem-insures series, but instead of crystal semi-sheer iridescence, intense, executes in saturated glowing color-shifting hues and rich opaque color combinations.Each glitter will be paired with a unique charm representing the Goddess reigning over that given month. These charms can be collected, added to your throws, made into jewelry, or whatever your creativity leads you to!The first Goddess Glitter will hit shelves June 2021, and the series will include 12 monthly glitter + charm pairings, as well as an extra Goddess (13 sets total) and some lagniappe goodies for subscribers. Subscribing means never worrying that a glitter will fly off the shelves before you have a chance to nab it, and every glitter in this series is an absolute show stopper.Local pickup will be available each month. If you chose the shipping option, we will ship your glitter and charms every three months (4 times a year). Please note that shipping is included so if you would like to use this option you’ll want to select local pickup and then include your address in the notes section so you don‘t get double charged.We cannot wait to share our exclusive, premium Goddess Glitter Series and the inspiration they promise with all of you!