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Welcome to NOLA Craft Culture's Online Store.


You should know...we take glitter very, very seriously!  Yes, we have super funny names, crazy colors, and fantastic shapes. But beyond that (and all the fun we have working here and crafting with our friends and customers), we take pride in a product of exceptional quality.  We know glitter.  We have all have been elbow deep in glitter for the past twenty years, crafting our way through every kind of project,  testing and tweaking until we've found the best of the best.  We are proud to present the tried-and-true items we sell today. After all, this is not a hobby...this is a way of life!  

And we don't just use glitter we wear glitter, and wear it well.  We are proud to sell amazing wearable glitter products from New Orleans based companies like Elektra and Chimera.  Once you start to sparkle, you'll be hooked.

Since we opened our New Orleans store we just can't stop adding colors, so we have picked the best to offer online.  And we've tried to organize them to you can find everything you want easily.  But if you have questions just give us a call at 504-GLITTER during store hours and we'll be glad to help out.

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