Wearable Glitter

Bolt Balm

Bolt Balm is an intense blend of chunky and fine glitters custom mixed in an aloe gel base. It’s perfect for Glitter Roots, high voltage accents on the cheeks, and extreme coverage for stage, dance, or festivals.  Bolt Balm tends to stay put all day, with very little fallout, but can be easily washed off with water. Bolt Balm can look sheer or provide moderate to heavy glitter coverage, depending on how you apply it.  To get a more solid glitter coverage, you can apply Bolt Balm then dab on additional loose glitters while the gel is still wet.  Looking for a custom color? Simply add any of our fine glitters to your Balm and create that special look!!


Instructions for use: Simply paint it on the face, body, and hair, but DO NOT use this product where it can get into the eyes. Do NOT on eyelids or close to eyes. Chunky glitters are designed for special effects, and are not considered safe to use as eye makeup. DO NOT use on children or pets because there is inherent danger of them transferring glitter into their eyes.

Microfine Glitters

Microfine Glitters can be applied alone as a loose powder glitter or with the transformer. 


The Transformer is a water-based adhesive that bonds most fine glitters, mineral makeup and loose powders to the eyelids. One drop of this revolutionary formula makes glitters and loose powders stay on all day!  No more reapplying. No more mess. Safe for sensitive eyes.  Use The Transformer to create stay-on-all-day eyeliner or to turn your loose eyeshadows into a stay-put eyeshadow.  

 FYI:  Cosmetic grade wearable glitters  are made with colorants and ingredients approved by the FDA to be safe on the skin.   Although we are not aware of issues with applying glitter around your eyes and lips, and glitter has been used in the makeup industry for years, we want to keep you and ourselves protected. The use of glitter is considered “at your own risk”. It is suggested that you check for skin sensitivity with a small patch test.  NOLA Craft Culture will not be held responsible for any reactions that occur due to the customer not taking due care.

We never take returns on any cosmetic products.